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Want to donate to SLAA?

Tradition 7 states: “Every SLAA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” This means only people who consider themselves members of SLAA can make a contribution. 
If you wish to donate to San Antonio SLAA, you may do so using the link below. If you would like your donation to go towards sending a representative from our meeting to the Annual Business Meeting, please type “ABM” in the notes section when you make your donation.

Donate to San Antonio SLAA

If you’d like to donate to SLAA World Services, you can do that below.

SLAA Main Office: SLAA’s main office is known as Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc (FWS). The FWS staff can answer your questions and help you obtain SLAA literature and materials, such as:

-Our basic text, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
A State of Grace: Daily Meditations, our new conference-approved daily reader
The Journal, our bimonthly meeting in print
-Audio tapes and CDs
-SLAA pamphlets and other literature

Contact FWS: 210-828-7900 or
Donate to FWS:

San Antonio SLAA Intergroup:

Austin Intergroup:

Houston Area SLAA:

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